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English - AndornaktályaAndornak merged with Kistálya in 1938, which is when the name Andornaktálya came into being. Most likely, the core of both settlements was a series of caveflats and cellars carved in the rhyolite tuff hill-range, which can still be seen. Today the lengthy main road (Rákóczi Ferenc Rd) joins the two, once separate villages.
Andornaktálya is situated in the middle-eastern part of Heves county, in the lower Bükk mountains, between Eger and Maklár, merely one kilometre south of the county centre (Eger). It is next to a main route which connects Eger and highway  3. It is 16 kms away from Mezőkövesd, and 14 kms away from Füzesabony. Its distance from M3 is 12 kms leaving the highway at the Füzesabony turn. The village has a railway station so it is also possible to take the Eger-Füzesabony railway to get there.

Andornaktálya was built in the Eger creek valley, and on the hills bordering it to the east, which form the most southern part of the Bükk mountains. So the area is hilly and its height is not more than 260 metres above sea level. At the borders of the village we can find higher points, namely the Kis (Little), Kutya (Dog), Szél (Wind) and Rózsa (Rose) Mountains.

Its flora consists of forests and steppe fields. The forests include Austrian oaks, lime and ash trees, and sumac bushes. The forest area is 23%, and the soil is mainly chernozem brown forest soil. The characteristic plants of the steppe fields are meadow fescues, needlegrass and weeds.

Its fauna mainly consists of birds and small wild animals, but the occasional bigger wild animals can appear, too.

In the middle of the 20th century oil was found along the border of the village, but those resources have run dry by now.

English - AndornaktályaAnimal husbandry has not become common, but the volcanic rhyolite tuff core of the nearby hills makes viniculture widespread.

The area is rich in substrate and artesian water resources which are fed by the water resources within the mountains. Several wells have been dug in Andornaktálya to reach these and the water found here is hard and sulfury.

The abundance of thermal and spa water (in Parád, Bükkszék, Egerszalók, Eger - where spas have been built since the ages of The Ottoman Empire) assists in drawing tourists.

In the outer areas of Andornaktálya there are several 80C spa water resources which may have medical qualities but the certification has not yet been approved.

Besides the medical tourism, the features of the landscape (the feet of the Bükk and Mátra mountains) and the several holiday resorts nearby (Mátrafüred, Galyatető, Kékes, Bánkút, Szilvásvárad) offer great opportunities to those who are in favour of nature, sports, water, mountain, equestrian, wine tasting and hunting holidays. Also the town of Eger itself is a highly attractive tourist spot.

The proximity to Eger, the excellent travelling facilities plus the tranquillity of the village make Andornaktálya appealing not only to residents but also visitors.
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